3 Track Demo 2013

by Sonus Mortis

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3 Track Demo, recorded, mixed and mastering in Trackmix Studios, Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland


released July 21, 2013

All music and lyrics was created and recorded by Kevin Byrne




Sonus Mortis Dublin, Ireland

Sonus Mortis is an one man symphonic dark metal project from Dublin, Ireland.

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Track Name: Harbinger Of Doom
Nightshade, devoid of empathy I see.
Deaths blade, holds no sympathy for me.

There is no faith in these desolate times.
The bells of doom, how I long for those chimes.

And how we walked
And how we prayed
And now we run,
And now we are,

Torn, limb from limb we are torn.
Our Faith, is closing in on our salvation.

Prospect of judgement.
A fury of fire.
A sacrifice for sins.
Passion and desire,

Harbinger, Harbinger Of Doom And Despair
The apocalypse has come and drawn you near.

Harbinger, Harbinger Of Doom And Despair
The apocalypse has come and drawn you near.
It has come to take you all.

The transformation is..


The transformation is complete.

I am the Messiah standing here with my creation?
I must step forward and secure my redemption.

Twists and turns as it begins to start.
My creation lifts it's human heart.
And it cries,
Is this lies or are my eyes deceiving me?
Flesh from bone,
The dark unknown, rising up to consigned posterity.

My creation takes full shape and flees with no surprise.
I hit the ground as I now realise, what I've become.

The last bit of hope with humanity I'll consume.
Thousands more will suffer as I am the harbinger of doom.
Here comes the harbinger of doom.
Track Name: A Pale Reflection
Face down in a pool of death, a pale reflection.
Blood will glimmer come the dawn of light, with pure perfection.

Devil, loosen the reins on my faint, white horse.
Then grip thy wounds with no remorse.
The death and the void, is all that is beneath us now.
And this is the end, for you and for me.

Savior..raise your hymn of death.
With chants and cries; my mind is set.
We are standing apart, side by side.
On the verge of collapse, believing the divide.

Falling faster as we descend.
Towards the black we go, my friend.

The downfall of all hope is thrashing my dreams,
Reality dragged back, unraveling from it's own...

Embrace death, become lifeless and the pitiless heart is cold,
Staining the earth as the drained spirit unfolds
to a new state of being, to a wretched form of life.
Beyond the damned,beyond the dread and the strife.

Death is just a connection between the spirit and the dust.
But we are merely pawns, in this age of mistrust.
A constant battle has been fought between the fist and between the noose.
Scrapping at my mind, the voices echo deadly eerie...sonus mortis...

And the angels...

"Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more:
it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing."
Track Name: In The River Mist
Forever sky, forever blue
Forever day, forever night.
You will stand here by my side.

Those eyes stare with the breath of light.
Haunting me through the dead of night.
Why is this face so pure in my midst?
Here I saw it rise,
In The River Mist.

Lost in a crowd with no one there.
Lost all my sight as I stared.
Forever river, forever blue
Forever day, forever night.
Yet You stand here by my side.

Why is this face so clear in my midst?
I'll See You Rise Again
In The River Mist

I've flowed through the river,
I've swayed with the trees.
I've watched the dying flower,
Being on my knees.
I've moved with the valley and the shadows at night.
I've prayed to the Gods to remove this sight from me.

To completely disappear from the light of moon and day.
To eradicate the images of illusion.
To no longer fear apparent motion.
To no longer witness dead emotion.

Scrap the bottom of the barrel to cling onto sanity.
Systematic shutdown of my humanity.
How could this be real?
How could this be real?

Her eyes stare with the breath of light.
Haunting me through the dead of night.
Why is this face so pure, so blue?
And I'll See Her Rise Again
In The River.